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Integrate linux-seco-imx/seco_lf-5.10.y-gm_d18

GitBot requested to merge linux-seco-imx/seco_lf-5.10.y-gm_d18 into kirkstone

Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@0967af7c

[D18] add support to CSI camera

  • csi0 and csi1 seco_config overlays


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@c7a2f5bc

[D18] add board to STM32 ectrl driver


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@9579ebbe

[D18] fix i2c frequency


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@160cee4c

[D18] add PCIe support

  • for test on carrier B79: connector CN32 - jumper CN67 position 3-5


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@c292e86d

[D18] enable spi

  • enable RTC PCF2123
  • enable ecspi/flexspi eeprom on B79 carrier (CN68, CN69, CN43)


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@18419b19

[D18] enable usb


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@aee447cf

[D18] enable flexcan


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@12d77815

[D18] enable uart4


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@00659ac2

[D18] enable AW-CM276NF (based on 88W8997)


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@e603b553

[D18] enable DP83867 ethernet ports


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@f4d9ae56

[D18] enable gpio expander PCAL6416


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@f018cc0b

[D18] enable WP and RESET for carrier uSD


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@54637d6e

[D18] set dtsi mmc enumeration


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@2b185b07

[D18] clear dts from reference board and overlay peripherals


Commit: edgehog/bsp/nxp/linux-seco-imx@f11caa4a

[i.MX8MP][D18] init porting derived from nxp imx8mp-evk

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