1. 20 Sep, 2022 1 commit
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  10. 29 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Felix Gerking's avatar
      demo: Remove guf-show-demo2 · 4606414f
      Felix Gerking authored
      Removed guf-show-demo2 package since we do not use it anymore. If we need
      an additional demo instance again, we should use an additional systemd unit
      file instead of adding a complete package.
      BCS 746-000810
  11. 25 Jul, 2022 3 commits
  12. 21 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install: Fixed setting of custom devicetree · 714adb35
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      The post-install steps for setting a custom devicetree have been
      changed for the i.MX8 devices. For the custom devicetree to work again,
      the name of the devicetree needs to be written to the devicetree file
      in the boot partition.
      BCS 746-000877
  13. 19 Jul, 2022 1 commit
  14. 18 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Clemens Terasa's avatar
      distro: Remove guf-wayland-no-gplv3 · 340c26c7
      Clemens Terasa authored
      The distro is meant as basis for an image containing no GPLv3 code.
      However we refactored parts into a separate layer. Remove the distro
      config guf-wayland-no-gplv3 and add it to the special no-gplv3 layer.
  15. 13 Jul, 2022 9 commits
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:prepare-dt: Replaced loop with find · 2cc3f539
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      Fixes SC2044
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:post-install: Added comments to scripts · c14d978b
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      Extended the documentation and comments in the post-install scripts.
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:rtc: Added RTC detection for the TANARO · 32b8f0c2
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      The TANARO will be produced with one of two RTC variants.
      We detect the RTC by querying the first register during the
      post-install and activate one of two devicetree overlays.
      BCS 746-000877
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:prepare-kernel: Removed i.MX8 specific script · 3a397d44
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      The i.MX8 used a custom post-install script for the prepare-kernel
      step. Since the default script has been adopted for the i.MX8, the
      custom script is removed.
      BCS 746-000877
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:prepare-image: Added new scripts and clean-up · 3edf9fc8
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      The new scripts (prepare-overlays and prepare-xml2dto) for the
      post-install steps have beend added.
      Also wrong indentations have been replaced and the lists have been
      BCS 746-000414
      BCS 746-000877
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      fng-install:prepare-kernel: Added i.MX8 support · 40d7ba85
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      The default prepare-kernel script didn't support the i.MX8.
      Tweaked the script, to support the custom requirements of the i.MX8.
      The i.MX6 specific parts for the generation of the overlays (from the
      shared XML) and the gf_platform detection has been moved to new scripts.
      BCS 746-000877
    • Tobias Poganiuch's avatar
      post-install: Rework and fix of overlay handling · 5f97c8e6
      Tobias Poganiuch authored
      Overlays that have been installed by Yocto are now moved
      into /boot/overlays. This is due to the inability of Yocto
      to easily handle devicetree overlays during the build.
      Overlays that are provided via the parameters of fng-install
      (--DTBO) are also placed inside /boot/overlays. Additionally,
      they are appended to the overlays variable inside the
      overlays.txt file.
      The overlays.txt file is parsed during the prepare-kernel
      post-install step. The loaded overlays are then applied to
      the default devicetree.
      BCS 746-000414
      BCS 746-000877
    • GitBot's avatar
      Integrate gitlab-ci/add-test-reporting-to-test-jobs · f7f2be8e
      GitBot authored
      Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@52bae4a1
      Lava Testreporting: Add script to generate markdown report for given jobids
      Adds scripts for mark down generation.
      Adds scripts for lava test result queries.
      Adds script to generate a mark down report from this data
      Call script from submit_test to generate a report directly
      after the testrun.
    • GitBot's avatar
      Integrate gitlab-ci/run-test-from-gitlab-directly · ecab8560
      GitBot authored
      Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@ab09db0b
      CI: Lava Test: Allow to install test image directly from gitlab
      The images from the build job can be directly installed from gitlab.
      To achive this some changes in the complete pipeline have been needed.
      1. The variables used in the build job, like CI_PARAM_IMAGE, ... and
         related variables like BUILDPATH are only valid in the build job now.
      2. The build job writes every variable needed in a follow up job into
         build.env. This also includes the url to the fng-install.sh of the
         final image.
      3. The build.env file is used as dotenv artifact, as well as normal
         file artifact.
         The dotenv make the written variables automatically available in
         follow up jobs, that are using the aritfacts, like the deploy job.
         The normal file artifact is available via artifact download.
         (I did't found a way to download the dotenv file instead)
      4. Some scripts have been added:
         - Find a job inside the pipeline by name, as the id is not known in
         - Download all artifacts or one file of the artifacts from a given
         - Download one file of the latest job by name
      5. The scripts are used to download the build.env into the test job
         (where not artifacts are needed anymore)
      6. The script is sourced and all variables are available inside the
      Additionally this adds a fake build job to the ci-test pipeline, that
      copies an image from srv73 and stores it as artifact in a way that a
      test-job can run on it, like in the normal yocto pipeline.
  16. 12 Jul, 2022 1 commit
  17. 11 Jul, 2022 2 commits
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  19. 06 Jul, 2022 4 commits
    • Felix Gerking's avatar
      alsa:imx6: Switch to sgtl5000 as default audio card · b3c8ca1b
      Felix Gerking authored
      Replaced absolute card number by the ID of the sgtl5000 audio card.
      Added additional alsa configuration files for imx6ull as it does
      not have the sgtl5000 codec.
      BCS 746-000548
    • GitBot's avatar
      Integrate gitlab-ci/CI-variable-scope-for-CI_PARAM_IMAGE-and-more · 097a5e04
      GitBot authored
      Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@c503a6d4
      CI: pipeline yocto: Change scope of CI_PARAM_IMAGE, ... to fix fngsystem build
      The variables CI_PARAM_IMAGE, CI_PARAM_DISTRO, CI_MACHINE have been
      defined outside the job in the '.gitlab-ci.yml' file. This has a lower
      precedence then variables defined inside the job, but it seems that
      these variables are used in the scope of 'Trigger variables' when
      available in the trigger job. These override the value set in the
      template. As main results this made FNGSystem jobs build the normal
    • GitBot's avatar
      Integrate gitlab-ci/CI-readd-allow-failure-true · 03983f3e
      GitBot authored
      Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@ea3aa816
      CI: Readd allow_failure:true to fix not finished pipelines
      According to the docs a manual job always has allow_failure set to
      true, but we see a lot of jobs staying in an unfinished state since
      the removal of the allow_failure: true keyword for the sdk and test
      jobs. This should fix the broken behaviour.
    • GitBot's avatar
      Integrate gitlab-ci/test-artifact-upload · 23c2e5c5
      GitBot authored
      Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@dc0503b6
      CI: Hardcode the artifacts path in the generated job description
      Some gitlab update(?) seem to have changed the behaviour in
      variable passing. In the scripts the variables are available
      but in the artifacts path does not resolve them any more.
      May be it has something to do with the introduction of the
      trigger:forward keyword.
  20. 28 Jun, 2022 2 commits