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Draft: linux-guf: Try out gitpkgv for kernel version, not yet working

Jonas Höppner requested to merge kernel-versioning-gitpkgv into dunfell

Setting the kernel version (PV) using gitpkgv. But I notices several problems, so this is not working yet:

gitpkgv uses --exact-match in git describe, so the tags are only used if the used rev is tagged but the documented versioning scheme with tagname and offset is not working.

When --exact-match is removed the version comes out correctly as 5.4.23-70-gHASH but during the initial fetch after a clean the version is 'None' and the gitpkgv is not called.

When fetch is done with 5.4.23... there was also a problem with the recioe-sysroot-native.

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