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Integrate gitlab-ci/ci-fixes and 5 more

GitBot requested to merge integrate/gitlab-ci/ci-fixes/into/dunfell into dunfell

Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@54f17a69



Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@4fd7f8a8

report_image_diff: get rid of hardcode

Parse machines, pipeline names and distros from gitlab yaml file instead of harcoding these values in the script.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@05d6a8db fix timeout

The problem was found in pipeline:

Fix missing update of upstream pipeline status inside while loop.

The timeout in the script was not in sync with the default timeout for build jobs. Set timeout in __get_build_pipelines() function to 8 hours.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@3077d252

handle_artifacts: add "try" block for keep_/delete_artifacts


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@b0be529b

handle_artifacts: fix case when pipeline was canceled


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@1a4a5ab1

Refactoring: move common code to separate files

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