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Add service for bluetooth initialization during test

Dmitry Petrov requested to merge rtk-bt-init-service into kirkstone

This MR is the second part of alternative solution for [YT-72] EMC Bluetooth test.

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Background: earlier we decided to stick with bluez and obexctl for Bluetooth test. But when a new requirement/clarification appeared that counterpart should be set up without ssh, we realized that it's impossible to switch between master/slave mode for obexctl to provide feedback whether test data was successfully transmitted. So, we decided to rework the test using l2ping tools.

This MR adds a script to initialize bluetooth via corresponding systemd service. The script brings-up a bluetooth interface on devices and makes it discoverable via hciconfig tool. Note: for Tanaro boards it was also needed to call rtk_hciattach tool before hcitool.

The service is disabled by default, and to make it run at boot, use a following command:

systemctl enable bluetooth-init
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