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uuu-scripts: Add support of Nallino

Dmitry Petrov requested to merge uuu-mx6ull into kirkstone

FNG-Boot binary is required for fngsystem boot via uuu, but it is missing for the seco-mx6ull build. So add the "fngboot" package to seco-mx6ull.conf.

The existing fngboot recipe creates an archive in the deploy/ directory, but for uuu we need an unpacked binary. I'm not sure if archive is used by any script, so to be safe, just add binary next to the archive in deploy/.

i.MX6ULL has a different base address, the uuu scripts should be adapted accordingly:

#define MMDC0_ARB_BASE_ADDR_DQ          0x10000000
#define MMDC0_ARB_BASE_ADDR_ULL         0x80000000
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