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u-boot: add variant with disabled serial console

Mikhail Vanyulin requested to merge kirkstone-disable-uboot-console into kirkstone

This is a Yocto part of a fix for "[746-000922] U-Boot: Investigate a way to fully disable the serial debug port."

This MR depends on U-Boot part of this fix: seco-ne/3rd-party/kuk/uboot-imx-kuk!175 (merged)

List of changes :

  1. Updated imx-boot recipe to build multiple imx-boot binaries, depending on UBOOT_CONFIG variable. Example of the created binaries:

Herewith imx-boot will point to the last item defined in UBOOT_CONFIG.

  1. Updated machine configurations for the following machines, so U-Boot for them can be now built with disabled console:

Herewith u-boot.bin and other base links will point to the last item in UBOOT_CONFIG.

Notes :

  • console in Linux is not disabled
  • console in FNGBoot is not disabled
  • a mx6-boot recipe is not adjusted to handle multiple u-boot binaries
Edited by Mikhail Vanyulin

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