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Integrate gitlab-ci/build-documentation-in-dedicated-job and 10 more

Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@0a3b1406

Confluence: get only those build jobs with a corresponding successful deploy job

We cannot handle build jobs and deploy jobs similarly, because all build jobs are successful usually, while not all deploy jobs necessarily have run. Get build.env only from those build job which have a corresponding successful deploy job, otherwise MACHINE and SUPPORTED_HARDWARE fields always contain the full list of built platforms, even if they might have not been deployed.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@97228cdb

Move MACHINE variable from deploy.env to build.env

The Confluence stage is the only stage that needs the MACHINE variable. Since the collect_release_information script already loads the build.env from the build jobs, there is no need to store this variable in deploy.env.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@ba156b0f

Confluence: check if variables are defined


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@cae6e282

Confluence: improve variable passing to template

Use a general mechanism of storing all job variables for each build job separately, so that we have all documentation files in the FILES_documentation variable. This makes the dedicated HTML_FILES variable obsolete. The merged variables are still kept, though, so that we have all machines in the MACHINE variable to loop over.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@41f8a49f

Confluence: add error handling if artifact not found


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@1a519057

Make documentation files configurable

This disables the documentation jobs for SDK and FNGSystem.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@303e24eb

Build documentation in dedicated job

Previously the documentation files were rendered as part of the package jobs. Each package job converted the same set of static markdown files to HTML files, which was redundant.

Add dedicated jobs to build, package and deploy the documentation files.

Modify to support file globs as arguments.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@838da585

Refactoring: move Alphaplan stage code to the end

This reflects the stage order in the code.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@ff31d083

Refactoring: use multiple MACHINE loops for better structure

This is a preparation for adding dedicated documentation jobs. In order to have these grouped by stage along with their corresponding machine jobs, we have to get rid of the giant outer loop and add loops for each stage instead.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@69973c95

Deploy: save deployed files in dotenv variable instead of dedicated file

Previously the deployed files were stored in a dedicated text file called files.txt. Move this information to a dotenv variable called FILES, so that we don't need special handling for it in the Confluence stage.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@45d04033

Remove disabling sourcery low-code-quality in package_release

This check is not failing anymore since the latest refactorings.

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