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Integrate gitlab-ci/bb-recipe-linter and 1 more

Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@44000de1

Check bitbake recipes with linter

The job checks bitbake recipes added/updated in MR using the oelint-adv tool (

.oelint.json is a rulefile, created with the command "oelint-adv --print-rulefile". It can be used during development. It contains default rules for now, but will probably be customized later.

To get the list of changed files in MR, we adjusted the GIT_DEPTH variable. The new value is 50, which should be fine for getting MR changes, and still small enough to keep checkout fast for large projects.


Commit: seco-ne/yocto/infrastructure/gitlab-ci@9d9574d1

convert_md2html: fix text duplication

Fix the problem introduced by commit 4f06516 "convert_md2html: fix id fields for headings".

The text converted from markdown was written twice to the HTML document.

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